A little bit of a backstory… *

If you’re new here or don’t follow me on my other platforms, welcommmmme! My name is Sophie (but I prefer Soph) and I am one of the biggest health nerds you will ever meet. Get me into a conversation about health foods, nutrition or fitness and we will be there ALL. DAY.
I’m just your average 20 year old gal who shares my passions for living a healthy lifestyle online, in the hopes of showing how simple, fun and non-restrictive it can be!

If you do follow me on Youtube you would know that a good 80% of my videos are about food and what I eat… I am very passionate about it haha. And I really just wanted a place where I could write down all of my favourite recipes that was super simple to access, follow and use!

Hence the creation of “Oh That Glow”; the healthy recipe ebook that makes healthy cooking simple, easy and brings back the fun in the kitchen!


Soph xx